Business in Belarus

Belarus provides extensive business opportunities that remain largely unexplored. Foreign investors are granted privileges, including customs and tax exemptions and benefits, as well as export and import privileges.

Leading multinational corporations set up their affiliates or joint ventures in Belarus, including MANN (automobile production), Coca–Cola, MacDonald's, Maersk Medical, SB Telecom, Alcatel SEL (mobile GSM systems and switching systems), and Frezenius (production of medical instruments).

Belarus has strong reputation for scientific and IT expertise. Minsk is one of the largest centers of offshore programming in Eastern Europe. Historically, Belarus was an IT center of the USSR because of the computer production facilities and design institutes that were concentrated here. In Soviet times, Belarus supplied 60% of the USSR demand for computer production. At independence, the country inherited the highest standards of scientific and technical excellence.

Conducting business is relatively easy for European companies because the cultural environment, business practices, and customer expectations are similar. Belarus’ business etiquette is also similar to that of Europe.

Trade, services, and the industrial sector are the main sources of the Belarus' economic development. The major exports are machinery, transport vehicles, chemicals, petrochemical products, fibers, fertilizers, and IT and transport services.

There are numerous powerful enterprises and plenty of professionals who are willing to do serious business with other countries. Minsk is a safe and comfortable place to live in. However, our biggest asset and most notable advantage are the people — friendly, caring, hardworking, and educated.

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