Google Acquires Belarusian Company

On August 16, TechCrunch reported that Google acquired AIMatter, a Belarusian company behind the Fabby app. The application allows for transforming selfies using artificial intelligence.

AIMatter works with computer vision, the branch of artificial intelligence that lets computers ‘see’ and process images like humans do (and, actually, often better than us), and then use those images to help run programs. Yuri Melnichek, investor and advisor at AIMatter, said that AIMatter joins Google to continue working in the field of neural networks on mobile phones.

According to Yuri Gursky, another co–fouder of AIMatter, in the fall of 2016, the company was the first in the world to launch a technology to separate a person from the background and replace the background on mobile devices with a streaming video. This is one of the effects featured in the Fabby app. The technologies developed by AIMatter can be used in video messengers such as Skype or in professional video editors.

A Google spokesperson provided TechCrunch with a short statement: “We are excited to welcome the AIMatter team to Google.”

Google and AIMatter reached an agreement in May 2017, but the deal was finalized on August 16. The contract terms weren’t disclosed. Fabby will continue to run and will be available in application stores. From now, Google will determine new tasks for AIMatter.

Last year, another Belarusian company, Masquerade, was acquired by Facebook.

Google Acquires Belarusian Company