Vertical Angles of Modern Fine Art to Be Presented in Minsk, Belarus

by Alex Gubarev From April 24 to May 25, 2015, Minsk hosts a joint exhibition of Valentin Gubarev and Alex Gubarev, famous Belarusian artists. The project is entitled Vertical Angles and will be presented in the Museum of Modern Fine Art located at 47, Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk, Belarus. On April 24, the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held at the same venue.
The exhibition Vertical Angles features the works of two antipodal artists who are nevertheless close relatives, a father and a son.

be Valentin Gubarev In the exact sciences, vertical angles are angles opposite one another at the intersection of two lines. The vertical angles are always congruent.

Similarly, the artworks by Valentin and Alex Gubarev present two layers of fine art, each existing sustainably and delivering their own ideology and visual language despite the family relationship.

by Valentin Gubarev

The pictorial art of Gubarev Sr. is multilayered both in narrative and pictorial contexts. Abounding in details and implications, it is closely associated with the naive art.

In the painting of Gubarev Jr., the narrative and pictorial characteristics are reduced to the extreme minimalism. It is a mixture of decadency, minimalism, and expressionism. Alex defines it as a conceptual primitivism.

The visitors to the exhibition will be able to see how these two autonomous lines are able to converge and produce vertical angles.

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