Fascination Art Project in Minsk

On August 13, The National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus opens a new exhibition titled Fascination.  This is a joint art project of Irena Gudievskaya, a photographer, and models from the Tamara Models agency.

The project is dedicated to the beauty of the Belarusian nature and its connection with the subtle image of a woman. The exhibition features works by the photographer, reflecting the natural charm and sophistication of Belarusian women.

The exhibition consists of 80 works that have been collected over 5 years. More than 40 models took part in the project. The tight connection between blossoming feminine beauty and originality of the Belarusian nature is the main theme of the art project.

Irena Gudievskaya says that Belarusian girls are admired all over the world, but it is not easy to render their natural charm through photography. It is necessary to come up with an unusual image, to get the right light, and the main thing is to be able to find the harmony between the image of a refined girl and the inaccessibility of the Belarusian nature. Today people are tired of seeing too many photographs, in which individual traits are edited and erased, and that makes the final result look plastic and unreal.

The photographer also notes that Belarus is an incredibly beautiful country, and it is very unfortunate that in Europe and Asia our country, its culture, and traditions are known by few. So the aim of this project is to make our country better–know, to get acquainted with it.

All photographs for the project are printed in canvas. With saturated colors and unusual images they are reminiscent of the paintings of the Renaissance. Each picture has its own mood and history. Belarusian women from the Tamara Models agency are the models on the photographs.

Fascination Art Project in Minsk

Source: TUT.BY