7YearOld Ballerina in Grand Prix SemiFinal

Vera Shpakovskaya, a 7–year–old ballet dancer from Belarus, made it into the top ten at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix 2016 ballet competition semi–final, which took place from October 29 to November 1 in Paris, France.

Vera is a student of the Minsk Ballet School Vezhnovets. She made it into the top ten among 86 competitors, aged 8 to 12, and was the youngest dancer in the history of Grand Prix. Vera’s achievement was reported by the press service of the Embassy of France in Belarus.

Her school praised the student’s impressive result and released a statement saying that Vera showed a high level of training and skill during the qualifying round. The competition was not an easy one for the young ballerina, as she had to compete with the girls from a different age group. Vera was the first competitor to perform, which made it even more difficult for her.

The young dancer admits she was nervous in the beginning, but overcoming nervousness in the course of her performance. Her parents were in the crowd to support their daughter.

A competent jury of representatives of the leading world ballet schools evaluated the contestants. Vera’s outstanding achievement impressed the State Ballet School of Berlin, which invited the Belarusian to pass a free course in the famous school of dance.

Youth America Grand Prix was founded 17 years ago, and by now it has become one of the most prestigious events for young dancers.

7-Year-Old Ballerina in Grand Prix Semi-Final 7-Year-Old Ballerina in Grand Prix Semi-Final

Source: TUT.by

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