Belarusian Banknote Nominated for IBNS Award

The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) announced the shortlist for its 2016 Banknote of the Year award. The Belarus’ 100 Ruble banknote, which was issued this year following the redenomination, is among the nominees.

IBNS members can nominate banknotes by contacting the Banknote of the Year coordinator. However, to become a nominee, a banknote should meet strict criteria, including being issued for the first time during the year of the award, being issued to public, having artistic merit and/or innovative security features, and being in general circulation.

Fritz–Juergen Simons, an IBNS member, nominated the Belarusian banknote. So far, it has 11 competitors:

  • Maldives’ 1,000 Rufiyaa Note
  • Switzerland's 50 Franc Note
  • Scotland's 5 Pound Note
  • New Zealand's 50 Dollar Note
  • England's 5 Pound Note
  • Georgia's 50 Lari Note
  • Sweden's 100 Kronor Note
  • Australia's 5 Dollar Note
  • Argentina's 500 Peso Note
  • India's 2,000 Rupee Note
  • Columbia's 50,000 Peso Note

Nominations for the award will be accepted until January 31. The IBNS will choose the winner and announce it at the first IBNS Board meeting of 2017.

This year, Belarusian currency underwent redenomination and the country issued new banknotes and coins. The new 100BYN banknote features the Radzivill castle in Nesvizh on the front and a collage dedicated to theater and Belarusian holidays on the back.

Belarusian Banknote Is Nominated for IBNS Award