NTA Presents Event Calendar for 2016

On January 2, the National Tourism Agency (NTA), an organization founded by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, issued a calendar of touristic events in Belarus in 2016.

The calendar is available on the NTA website. It includes a variety of events in Minsk and other regions, which may be interesting for tourists. These events include concerts, exhibitions, theater forums, folk festivals, sport events, and more.

The release features the name of the event, its date and place, and telephone numbers of the organizers. It puts together all cultural events that are going to take place in Belarus in the next 12 months. During the year, the list is going to be completed with new ones. Each month of 2016 has at least 10 events planned.

The events, which may be of interest for foreign visitors, will be advertised abroad. Grigory Pomerantsev, Acting Director of NTA, says that it is logical to promote the activities that target tourists as their audience. According to Pomerantsev, the events in the Brest and the Grodno regions may attract visitors from Poland and Lithuania, while the activities in Mstislavl may be of interest for tourists from Russia.

Among the most notable events featured in the calendar are the following: 

  • European Speed Skating Championships, which take place in Minsk from January 8 to 10;
  • Freestyle Skiing World Cup Round in Raubichi, from February 16 to 21;
  • International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, taking place in July;
  • International Biathlon Festival in Raubichi, from September 2 to 4. 

NTA Presents Event Calendar for 2016

Source: TUT.by