January Will Close Out with Cold Weather Pattern Dominating in Belarus

During the past three days, the weather in Belarus remained cold with daily temperatures 8 to 14 degrees below average. According to forecasters, the maximum daytime temperature was between -11°C and -16°C, the minimum at night was from -17°C to -22°C, and on the southeast of the country the air cooled to -23°C and up to -27°C.

From January 26 to January 27, the frost was yielding on the southwest of the country and reached from –11°C to –16°C at night and from –7°C to –10°C during the day,the National meteorological center of Belarus (Belhydrometcenter) reports.

Significant precipitation in Belarus is not mentioned, except for a light snow that occurred in the Brest region at night on January 26.

According to recent reports, the average snow depth is from 5 to 16 centimeters, while it reaches 18-21 centimeters in the Gomel region and does not exceed 2-4 centimeters throughout the Vitebsk region.

Unfortunately, January will end before any significant relief for Belarus arrives. On January 28, the air temperature at night is reported to be from –11°C to –17°C falling to –18°C and up to –23°C on the north–east of Belarus and in the afternoon from –7°C to –13°C and up to –15°C.  January 29 will be even colder, namely from –18°C to –24°C at night and from –12°C to –18°C during the day.

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