Crafted Selection to Be Held in Museum of Modern Art

On June 12, Museum of Modern Fine Art will launch an artistic and educational project entitled Crafted Selection. The event will be held in the building of the museum at the address 47, Independence Avenue, Minsk.

The exhibition features more than 200 paintings and works of graphic art created by the alumnae of The Island studio. The works of art showcased at the exhibition reflect the perception of the world by several generations of children.

During the project, the attendees will be able to discover a lot of unexpected and interesting things, namely the kids creativity as it is, the manner of performance, and the method of exposure. The art show will also present archive materials, including videos, photos, texts, and audio stories by children.

In addition, the organizers will create a unique installation City Map: Through Kids’ Eyes.

The Crafted Selection project is also an attempt to sound a number of social and cultural phenomena that arise during the interaction of children and adults. A child does not have to stand in a queue for the right and ability to communicate along with the adult professional community. The authentic creativity of children possesses its own unique means of displaying daily life and unmatched language of expression.


Children's paintings Children's paintings