Emma Cyclone Brings More Snow to Belarus

On Saturday, January 16, a new southern cyclone Emma is expected to bring heavy snowfalls, wind, and the orange level of danger to Belarus.

The cyclone is coming from the Carpathian Mountains.  Most parts of Belarus will be affected by snow, sleet, blizzard, and snow drifts on the road. In some parts of the country the wind may reach the speed from 15 to 16 meters per second. The temperature will range between 0…–2°С in the daytime to –10…–15°С at night.

Minsk may expect heavy snow, blizzard, and gusty wind up to 14 meters per second.

The Hydrometcenter warns that the level of snow will rise by up to 15 centimeters. Emma will be similar to Daniella, another powerful cyclone, which hit the country earlier this week, but not as strong as the legendary Javier in 2013.

The orange level of danger is declared throughout the country for the upcoming Saturday.

On Sunday, January 17, the cyclone will move to the Tver region of Russia. In the afternoon, cold air will move to the Belarusian territory from the Baltic Sea. The weather will be quiet, but it will grow colder.

The Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus asks people to take into account the experience of Daniella and to avoid traveling on private vehicles. It is also recommended to stay at home or inform family members or neighbors if you need to go out.

Emma Cyclone Brings More Snow to Belarus

Source: TUT.by