Exhibition of Graphic Artwork by Marina Elyashevich Opens in Minsk

A solo exhibition of graphic artwork by Marina Elyashevich opens on July 8, 2014 at the Museum of Modern Fine Art  located at 47, Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk, Belarus. Entitled Crossroads, the exhibition is devoted to the Chinese Year of the Horse.

Although high technologies have been evolving at a quick pace, a horse remains a living prototype and symbol of innovations in numerous artistic styles in different countries in the West and East. I fact, a modern person can see a horse in artistic works more often than in real life.

Marina Elyashevich creates pictorial images using a traditional Chinese technique with monochromic and color Chinese ink on rice paper. Since her graduation from the Belarusian State Art Academy, Marina has been studying traditional Chinese paintings with great enthusiasm, mastering the brush technique of painting with Chinese ink on rice paper. Eventually, she began creating her own original compositions in portrait, floristic, animalistic, and landscape genres.

The artist’s approach unifies creative Chinese traditions with her modern search for new topics and subjects, as well as her specific methods of drawing.

Evgeny Shuneiko, art critic

Note: In Ancient China, horses were honored as a symbol of pride, well–being, and supreme power. They were frequently compared with a kind, talented and hard–working man. Numerous idiomatic expressions are connected with these animals, including “full of energy”, “quick success”, “to take the initiative”. That is why images of horses in Chinese paintings are associated with positive emotions, and wishes of development and prosperity.

The most popular subject in the Chinese arts is Eight Racers. This artistic symbol bears a special meaning in career development. These paintings have a special feature. One can come across many copies of the same painting signed by different artists.  Is it a mistake? Absolutely not. It is a different approach, a specific feature of the Eastern art. A copy is treated as a separate work of art. Xu Beihong is the most popular artist who used the topic of racers in his works.

The exhibition will be open until July 19, 2014.


Marina Elyashevich, Horse Marina Elyashevich, Horse
Marina Elyashevich, Horse Marina Elyashevich, Horse