Fantasy Exhibition Opens in Minsk

On July 20, the Belarusian Center for Contemporary Arts opens a new exhibition entitled The Fantastic in Modern Belarusian Art. The project features works of Valery Slavuk, Sergei Balenok, Yuri Yakovenko, and other Belarusian artists.

The light of our fantasies makes the life more colorful, while traveling in our dreams saves us from the grayness of existence. Only people of art can visualize this unrealistic world with its images of angels and demons. The works of symbolists and surrealists are painted in vibrant colors and differ from the technological stampings of everyday life. Illustrations of the Idea and the Soul are typical for the works of Belarusian artists, and this has shaped the theme of the exhibition.

The art of Prof. Valery Slavuk, Honored Figure of Arts of Belarus, is well known among the fans of fantasy in Belarus and outside the country. The invisible population of Belarusian forests and lakes, houses and barns, such as lyasun (wood goblins),mermaids,domovoi (house spirits), and other inhabitants of the parallel world have become a major influence for endless graphic series of the author.

In addition, the museum exhibits a large number of etchings by Sergei Balenok, who explores the themes of creatures and spaces of old cities, focusing on Minsk and Lviv. Graphics by Yuri Yakovenko, Vladimir Gladkevich, and Marta Shmatava represent floating of thoughts among the symbols of antique civilizations and animate village huts. Gennady Skripchenko, Ales Rodzin, Serzhuk Tsimohov, and Rygor Ivanov are among the artist whose paintings are featured at the exhibition.

The interpretation of fantasy in Belarus is influenced by pre–Christian mythology, ethnography, and visual elements of historical and cultural heritage.

The exhibition will close on September 19.

Belarusian Center for Contemporary Arts opens new exhibition