Traveling Exhibition Opens in Minsk

On January 19, the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus presented a new traveling exhibition titled Belarus and Belarusians.

This is the first mobile art project, which tries to recount the main stages of the historical development of Belarus, give a brief overview of the cultural heritage, present the Belarusian nation as an integral part of the international community, and help to understand what is Belarus and who are the Belarusians.

Belarus is a sovereign country with a past of thousand years. It cherishes traditions and reinterprets the best achievements of the world’s civilization. The most significant asset of the country is its people. The Belarusians are hardworking and sensible. It is a nation with a sense of freedom and boundless creativity.

The exhibition consists of mobile constructions that contain high–quality thematic images, photographs, objects, and small explanatory texts both in Belarusian and English. The content is divided into two parts, one of which is dedicated to the history of Belarus and the other to the cultural heritage. A short historical review touches upon the main stages of the country’s development, such as the antiquity, first state formations, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rzeczpospolita, Russian Empire, Soviet Belarus, and modern Belarus.

Belarus and Belarusians is a project designed to promote Belarus abroad. It can be seen in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until January 31. After Minsk, the exhibition will travel to Europe and Asia.

Traveling Exhibition Opens in Minsk