Forbes Includes Belarusian in Europes Top 50 Women In Tech List

On October 8, Forbes unveiled its Europe’s Top 50 Women In Tech list. Luba Pashkovskaya, a Belarusian entrepreneur, Cofounder and CEO at Verv, is featured in the list’s Consumer Technology sector.

Luba Pashkovskaya worked as Head of Mobile at Belarusian software company Viaden prior to the launch of Red Rock Apps in 2013. Recently, the company rebranded as Verv. According to Pashkovskaya, Verv now makes $30 million in annual revenue.

Verv has ranked among the top mobile app publishers in fitness in Europe and the US, celebrating more app downloads than Fitbit or Nike. The company's running, walking and fitness weight loss apps have helped people lose over 3 million pounds (about 1.3 million kilograms).

The 2018 Inaugural Top 50 Women In Technology identifies three generations of forward–thinking technologists leading more than a dozen tech sectors across the globe. The Europe list precedes the U.S. list that Forbes will unveil in November.

The candidates are assessed using three metrics, such as Leadership (position in company, field or industry); Financial Impact (company or product revenue, market impact or funding) and General Influence (impact analyzed within the context of each woman’s field). Only women who are actively participating in tech–focused businesses or fields are considered.

Luba Pashkovskaya, Cofounder and CEO at Verv