12YearOld Boy to Study at BSMU

Timur Sushko, a young boy from Zhodino, is a sensation: at the age of only 12 years he graduated from school and became the youngest student of the Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU).

His father, Vasily Sushko, says that at the age of 9 months Timur could clearly pronounce long phrases, at one year and three months he knew the alphabet, and when he was one year and eight months old he could read fluently. Timur started school when he was 5 years old and was immediately transferred to the second grade. After three years of study, the young genius skipped the sixth grade and from the seventh grade he was homeschooled. Every semester a special committee of qualified teachers checked Timur’s knowledge during the exams.

This summer Timur graduated from school and was accepted to BSMU. According to the boy, his plans are ambitious: not only does he want to study at one of the most prestigious universities in Belarus, but he also wishes to continue participating in swimming championships across the world. Sport is another passion of his: at the moment Timur has 130 medals and 30 cups from various national and international competitions. He plans to join the Olympic team in Tokyo in 2020.

What’s the key to success? Timur says that he’s an ordinary kid who works hard to achieve his goals. He wakes up around 6AM, trains twice a day, and studies in between, but he enjoys his rhythm of life. Timur doesn’t feel special, though he realizes he has achieved a lot for a 12–year–old boy.

12–Year–Old Boy to Study at BSMU

Source: TUT.by