Belarusian Gymnasts Win Gold at European Championships

On June 19, the Belarusian National Team won the gold medal at the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships, which took place in Holon, Israel. The team competed in the 5 Ribbon Senior Group Finals.

The five–member, all–girl squad, including Hanna Dudzenkova, Maryia Katsiak, Maria Kadobina, Valeriya Pischelina, and Arina Tsitsilina, scored 18.516 points in the five ribbons category.

Israeli gymnasts occupied the second place with 18.400 points. Spain won the bronze medal with 18.133 points.

In the two hoops and six clubs category Belarus finished fourth with 17.666 points, while Israel, Spain, and Bulgaria took home the medals with 18.316, 18.233, and 18.133 points, respectively.

Earlier that week, on June 17, the Belarusian team won the silver medal in the all–round category.

Belarusian gymnasts were also successful in the Junior Finals, winning four medals. Julia Evchik and Alina Harnasko both won silver medals for their ribbon and hoop routines, while Yulya Isachanka won the bronze in the clubs category. The three gymnasts occupied the second place in the team competition, where they beat Italy but were left behind by Russia.

In total, Belarus won six medals in Holon: one gold and one silver in the Senior Group Finals, as well as three silvers and one bronze in the Junior Finals.

Belarusian Gymnasts Win Gold at European Championships