Night Frightens the Day exhibition in Minsk

On July 1, the Center for Contemporary Art in Minsk opens an exhibition titled Night Frightens the Day by Sean Hanrahan, an Irish artist and curator.

Night Frightens the Day is the first exhibition by Mr Hanrahan in Minsk. It features six works united by the idea of similarity between the cultures of Belarus and Ireland. The artist created his works using the silkscreen technique on wooden panels. He presents his ideas through the themes and images of forest and plants, and borderline states of day and night. Nature is the most important part of any culture, and it shapes our perception of the universe. As an artist, Sean refers to the classification of  cultural codes through the perception of nature with the help of light. He believes that a Belarusian soul with its existing symbiosis of pagan and Christian, and an Irish soul with its mysticism and psychological depth are identical.

Sean Hanrahan is a graphic artist and printmaker by education. He graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design and lives in Cork, Ireland. His wife Maria comes from Vitebsk. Mr Hanrahan exhibited his works not only in Cork, but in many other cities and countries.

Night Frightens the Day exhibition in Minsk

On June 26, another exhibition curated by Sean opens in Vitebsk. The exhibition titled Over the Sun is dedicated to Kazimir Malevich and his influence on Western and Modern art throughout the past 100 years. The project was first presented in Cork.

The Artplaz gallery and the Center for Contemporary Art organize the event in partnership with Alfa–Bank.

The exhibition is open until July 15, 2015 at the Center for Contemporary Art (Nekrasova st. 3).

Opening hours:

11AM – 7PM

1PM – 9PM (Wednesday)

Closed on Saturday and Monday.

Night Frightens the Day exhibition in Minsk 

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