Belarusian Women Named 9th Worlds Tallest

On July 26, eLife, an open–access scientific journal for the biomedical and life sciences, published a research titled A Century of Trends in Adult Human Height by the NCD Risk Factor Collaboration, a network of health scientists around the world.

The research focuses on adult human height and its changes during the last 100 years. The scientists studied the growth trends in 187 countries, using the data on 18.6 million people born from 1896 to 1996.

Dutch men are revealed as the world’s tallest, their average height is 183cm, while Latvian women whose average height is 170cm are the leaders in the female category.

Belarusian women are included in the list of the top ten nations with the highest women, their average height being 166 cm. Compared to the average height in 1914, Belarusians climbed 33 positions, from the 42nd place to the 9th, and grew twelve centimeters taller.

Belarusian men didn’t make it to the top ten, finishing at the 22nd place with an average height of 178cm.

The world’s smallest men live in East Timor (160cm) and the smallest women on the planet can be found in Guatemala (149cm).

Iranian men and South Korean women have had the biggest grow spurt, as their height increased by more than 16cm and 20 cm. The ranking of Americans dropped down from the third place (men) and the fourth place (women) to the 37th and 42nd place of the lists, respectively.

Belarusian Women Named 9th World’s Tallest