Ice Room Opens in Minsk

On December 7, the ALL shopping center opened a 24 square meters ice room, which is the coldest spot in Minsk, Belarus. The ice figure exhibition titled Pole of Cold is free for visitors. It features handmade ice figures of various animals, such as a bear, owl, and rabbit, as well as a giant sledge and a throne. Five to ten people may visit the room at the same time.

The ice project was implemented in two months – from the creation of first sketches to the opening of the room. The sculptures are handmade and weight up to half a ton each; some of them are carved from a solid block of ice directly in the shopping center. All the sculptures are made of filtered still water. A special freezer maintains a temperature of –10 °C in the ice room.

According to the organizers of Pole of Cold, the project was created for kids and cost about 22 thousand US dollars. First visitors of the ice room were greeted by Magic Elf and Santa Claus and given free ice cream. Young visitors liked the unusual room and took a lot of pictures inside.

Belarusian Polar explorers Yuri Giginyak and Vladislav Myamin visited the room on its opening day. They mentioned that their colleagues went on an expedition to Antarctica in December to begin construction of the first Belarusian station there.

The ice room is open until January 15.

Ice Room Opens in Minsk