Internet Connectivity in Belarus Is Among Cheapest Globally

A recent study conducted by BDRC Continental and a broadband comparison site revealed that Belarus is among ten countries with the cheapest broadband connectivity. Belarus occupies the 7th position with an average broadband cost of $12.77 monthly.

Researchers first ascertained the primary fixed line telecom providers for each country. Once identified, data on the prices in local currencies was extracted. In most cases that meant the price of the most basic package at each speed level. All of these packages were then compiled to create the averages in the overall spreadsheet.

Foreign analysts studied the cost of more than 3,300 broadband internet packages in 196 countries. They compared prices for August–October 2017, focusing on the average monthly fee. In Belarus, 24 packages from various providers were compared, an average price turning out to be $12.77.

Iran tops the list of the cheapest internet services in the world with an average cost of $5.37. Ukraine and Russia occupy the 2nd and the 3rd spots, with an average price of $5.38 and $10.02, respectively.

The study found consumers in African countries frequently paying over $100 per month. This includes such territories as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mali, Angola, Niger, Somalia, Comoros, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Lesotho, and the Seychelles.  The world’s most expensive broadband services can be found in the African state of Burkina Faso, with an average cost of $965 for a broadband package.

Internet Connectivity in Belarus Is Among Cheapest Globally