Lars Strand Paintings Presented in Belarus

Lars Strand Paintings Presented in BelarusFrom February 18 to March 4, 2015, Minsk hosts an exhibition of Lars Strand, a Norwegian artist. The project is entitled Beyond the Horizon and will be presented in the Museum of Modern Fine Art located at 47, Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk, Belarus. On February 18, the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held at the same venue.

At the vernisage, visitors will be able to meet with the author of the works and the executives of the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre that assisted in exhibiting Beyond the Horizon in Daugavpils (Latvia), Siauliai (Lithuania), and Vitebsk (Belarus). In Minsk, the exhibition is organized by the Artplaz Gallery.

On February 17, a meet–the–artist event will be held in the Center of Modern Art located at 3, Nekrasova Str., Minsk, Belarus.

Lars Strand is the first Norwegian painter who exhibits his works inMinsk, Belarus. He was born in 1961 in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. When he was 23, he moved to Norway, where he received his art education. Currently, he lives in Oslo, Norway. Lars boasts forty solo shows and more than a hundred of group exhibitions held in Denmark, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. The artist cooperates with a number of galleries in Europe and the USA, and with the international art fairs in France,Germany, Sweden, and the USA. Multiple museums and private collections around the world feature Lars’s works of art. Since 2014, three catalogues of Lars Strand can be found at the Thomas J. Watson library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the USA.

The exhibition Beyond the Horizon presented in Museum of Modern Fine Art in MinskLars Strand Works of Art in Minsk, Belarus Museum of Modern Fine Art hosts exhibition of extraordinary Norwegian artist