Belarus Welcomes LTE Advanced Network

On December 17, Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud), the first telecommunication infrastructure operator, launched the LTE Advanced network in Minsk, Belarus. Residents and visitors of the capital may now use 4G services, which are set to replace the usual 3G ones in the near future. The maximum speed of such connection reaches 112Mbit/s.

Built by beCloud, the new network is a result of effective cooperation between the state and private business. The LTE Advanced network launch is the first stage of a major project aimed at upgrading of the entire telecommunication infrastructure.

At the moment, 150 base stations enable 4G coverage in Minsk.  In 2016, beCloud plans to expand the network to Mogilev, Brest, Grodno, Gomel, and Vitebsk. By 2020, all Belarusian towns with a population of more than 50 thousand people should be able to use 4G.

According to beCloud representatives, the LTE Advanced network is available for use to all Belarusian mobile carriers. MTS BY is the first carrier to provide this standard to their subscribers. Other big carriers, such as velcom and life:), are yet to join.

First MTS BY subscribers were able to use the network from 6PM. The company says that more than 100 thousand of their customers in Minsk have at least one device that supports LTE. MTS BY offers a number of data plans for its LTE network users.

Belarus Welcomes LTE Advanced Network