School of Magic Opens in Belarus

From January 4 to January 9, 2016, the first Belarusian school of magic invites young children aged from 8 to 13 to spend six days as true wizards and witches. The Charamon School offers a unique experience for those who enjoy the Harry Potter stories. Kids will be able to attend classes in Charms, brew potions, and meet magical creatures.

According to the history written by the organizers of the event, The Charamon School dates back to the year 1035, when it was created by the famous Vseslav the Sorcerer. He cast a powerful spell to hide the school from muggles, non–magical people.

School of Magic Opens in Belarus

Every child who is going to attend the school will get an acceptance letter, just like Harry Potter did in The Sorcerer’s Stone. All students will be sorted into three houses – Denhort, Falcorn, and Turagor. Upon their arrival, children will speak to the school’s headmaster, Kazimir Yan Mikhal Rumbold, and will be given a personal magic wand and a cloak.

The second day will be a start of various magical classes. All students will also have a chance to visit the enchanted forest. But the main aim of the school is to teach children about friendship, mutual assistance, bravery, loyalty, imagination, and kindness.

The school is created by the Game Territory agency, which specializes in unusual events. It is located in the Ogonek recreational center, 27 kilometers away from Minsk.

The Game Territory also plans to organize a similar event for adults.

School of Magic Opens in Belarus