Interactive Map Shows Belarus Through Ages

On January 25, published an interactive map of Belarus, showing the historical development of the country from the year 1243 to 1999. The map touches upon all major events in the Belarusian history.

The project was created to remind Belarusians of the long and rich history of the country.  It systematizes facts, dates, names, and events from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to end of the 20th century.

The map shows the history of Belarus in two dimensions. The first one is a chronological line, which brings together 170 key events in the country’s history, such as territorial changes and achievements in diplomacy and culture.

The other dimension is a map of Europe that restores 60 state borders, which were present through the ages on the territory of modern Belarus. In addition to the timeline, the map features a parallel presentation of Belarusian cities and towns, their history, coat of arms, former names, and statuses.

The map was created by Aleksey Cherenkevich, a designer, and a team of enthusiasts, who worked for free. Aleksey says that the team’s goal was to tell about the history of Belarus without taking political sides or giving estimates. He hopes that users will find the map useful and will be able to find new and interesting facts.

At the moment, the map creator is collecting the information about possible mistakes.  In the future, he plans to add more historical facts to the website.

The map is available in three languages: Russian, Belarusian, and English.

Interactive Map Shows Belarus Through Ages