Mobile Connection is Now Available in Minsk Metro Tunnels

On June 29, velcom, a Belarusian mobile provider, announced the launch of the first fully–covered 3G section of the Minsk metro. From now on, it’s possible to communicate, watch videos online, and download files without interruption between the Malinaŭka and the Piatroŭščyna stations.

Providing mobile connection in the metro tunnels is a joint project of three Belarusian mobile providers. Each of the providers will be working simultaneously on their assigned sections of the tunnel.

Velcom was granted the right to launch the first 3G covered section. The cost of each station–to–station block is three–four times higher than the construction of one base station. Overall, it will cost several million dollars to cover all sections of the metro.

To provide connection, velcom laid a special cable, feeder, over the entire length of the tunnel section. The cable is connected to two base stations with six sectors. This solution allows for uniform coverage of the entire tunnel and the necessary signal level at each point.

Velcom laid three and a half kilometers of the cable, covering the distance between two stations in both tunnels. The work lasted more than three months.

The first tunnel coverage was launched on June 28 but announced later next day.

Mobile Connection is Now Available in Minsk Metro Tunnels


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