Weather in Belarus Sets New Records

From May 24 to May 26, the average daily air temperature was 5–10 degrees Celsius higher than normal. During the weekend, the maximum day temperature was from +26 to +31 °C, the minimum night temperature was from +11 to +18 °C. This temperature pattern is even 3–5 degrees Celsius higher than the maximum and minimum daily temperatures for July.

On May 25, the air in Minsk warmed up to 29.3°C s and on May 26 up to 30.1°C. The previous highest air temperature 28.5°C was registered in 1983 and 29.9°C in 2003, respectively.

Yesterday, Belarus faced heavy showers and hail. In Minsk, a number of streets in the central part of the city were waterlogged. Thunderstorms, hailstorms, heavy downpours, and squall winds were reported from all over the country.

The record of the day belongs to Ezerishche, an urban village in the north of the Vitebsk region, where the rainfall amount made 41 mm, or 41 liters of water per square meter of the territory, which is 72 percent of monthly norm of precipitation (57 mm).

Forecasts predict that heat and thundershowers will continue on May 27. Beginning from May 28, the hot air temperature will start subsiding.

Belarus faces heavyshowers and hail. Minsk downtown Belarus faces heavyshowers and hail. Minsk downtown
Source: TUT.BY Source: @deniska_klim, Instagram

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