Sochi 2014 Olympics: Belarus Comes into Play

The Belarusian national team occupied the 8th place of the medal count at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

On February 11, Darya Domracheva of Belarus earned the first medal for Belarus in Sochi and the first–ever biathlon gold for the country. The Belarusian biathlete performed almost perfect in both skiing and shooting. With a time of 29 minutes, 30.7 seconds and only one shot missed, she won the gold medal in the women's 10–kilometer biathlon pursuit. Domracheva was 37.6 seconds ahead of Norway’s Tora Berger who took the silver. The bronze went to Teja Gregorin of Slovenia and became the first medal in biathlon for her country.

On February 14, Belarus had an incredible showing. Domracheva earned her second gold medal of the 2014 Winter Olympics having defeated the rest by more than a minute. She won the women’s 15–kilometer individual race with a time of 43 minutes, 19.6 seconds and only one target missed. The silver went to Selina Gasparin of Switzerland. Nadezhda Skardino of Belarus took home the bronze.

The same day, Alla Tsuper of Belarus won gold in the ladies’ aerials in freestyle skiing. Participating in her fifth Olympic games, Tsuper has finally become the Olympic champion by performing a back full–full–full (three backflips with three twists) while in the super final. She beat a field that included Xu Mengtao of China who won silver and Lydia Lassila of Australia who took home bronze.

On February 17, Domrachova earned her third biathlon gold in the women's 12.5- kilometer mass start. The Belarusian biathlete won with history-making performance and became the first female ever to win three biathlon titles in one Winter Olympics. With total time of 35 minutes, 25.6 seconds, she was more than 20 seconds better than Gabriela Soukalova of the Czech Republic who became the silver medalist. Norway's Tiril Eckhoff won the bronze medal of the race.

Three nights after Tsuper, Anton Kushnir won second gold for Belarus in aerials. His final, five-twisting “back double full-full-double full” jump earned him a score of 134.5 to beat David Morris of Australia by more than 24 points. Kushnir topped the podium, with Morris taking silver and China’s Jia Zongyang taking bronze.

With the impressive performance, Belarus now has six medals in the Sochi Games and occupies the 8th place in the 2014 Winter Olympics medal table.