Exhibition of Exotic Birds in Minsk

On January 12, the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in Minsk opens an exhibition of exotic birds in the tropical plants greenhouse.

The botanical garden continues to surprise its visitors and, for the first time, presents the largest collection of exotic parrots. The exhibition is both educational and entertaining, as it gives the visitors an opportunity to see rare plants and the biggest parrots from Australia.

Among the birds that will be shown at the exhibition is the largest representative of the parrot family, a blue and yellow hen, which is about one meter long, while the smallest bird in the collection is only 16 centimeters long.

Talking birds, some of which sing songs and speak long sentences, will leave no visitor indifferent. A big range of parrots includes gray parrot, Amazona parrot, macaw, thick–billed parakeets, eclectus parrot, several species of cockatoos, New Zealand parrot, an abundance of ringed parakeets, rosella, and other rare and fascinating birds.

Each day, from 11AM to 1PM, children may watch cartoons and play in the creative zone of the conference room.

The exhibition gives its visitors a chance to spend a cold and frosty day among tropical plants and exotic birds.

Tickets can be bought on–site and cost 50,000 rubles (~$3) for adults and 25,000 rubles (~$1.5) for kids. Children under the age of three and people with disabilities may visit for free. The exhibition will work until February 14.

Exhibition of Exotic Birds in Minsk

Source: TUT.by