Internet Booking for Visitors of Pushcha

The National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha introduced a new online booking system for visa–free tourists, according to Alexander Buriy, general director of the National Park. The system automated the process of issuing permits. A special computer program processes the request of a foreigner visiting the Belarusian part of the forest, and sends a response to the specified email address.

Foreign tourists can choose a hotel and tour service and pay by credit card. When the system receives the confirmation of booking, the data is passed to the border guards.

First visa–free tourists have already started using the new system.

On June 12, Belovezhskaya Pushcha launched a visa–free regime, which allows tourists to stay on the territory of the Park up to three days without a Belarusian visa. Visitors can take advantage of the visa–free regime only if they travel via the international border crossing point Pererov (Bialowieza). Special buses transport people from the checkpoint to the sights. For the convenience of the visitors one–, two–, and three–day tours were created. If necessary, tourists can use the services of bike rental and this year the National Park buys additional 50 bicycles (currently there are about 100 bikes available for rent).

Since the launch of the visa–free regime in June, it has been used by more than two thousand visitors.

According to Mr. Buriy, this year more than 158 thousand tourists from various countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States visited the Park.

Internet Booking for Visitors of Pushcha