Social Photography Exhibition in Minsk

On October 9, the Center for Contemporary Art opened two exhibitions of social photography titled At the Last Moment and Under Construction, both by a famous German artist and photographer Manuel Schroeder. He personally presented the expositions.

The style of Schroeder’s exhibitions can be described as a new variation of urban photography, an original mix of the discipline of logic and intelligence with an almost unrestrained freedom of figurative associations. The familiar and the well–known is presented through a prism of unusual combinations, unexpected angles and perspectives, in combined solutions of crystal clear, vague, and mystical shapes. A city in Schroeder’s vision is a world of constant changes and turmoil, such as social, stylistic, and plastic. It turns out to be the notorious perpetuum mobile, the invention, which the mankind has always dreamed about.

This is the artist’s second visit to Minsk. Last year, Belarusian viewers had a chance to get acquainted with his motion picture project Take French Leave, which was held at the Center for Contemporary Art as well. The project was based on Schroeder’s thoughts about advertising and its images.

Schroeder conducted a three–day workshop titled Order as Social Form, which was dedicated to the opening of the exhibitions. The event gathered together professionals, art enthusiasts, and students and included a theoretical part and multiple discussions of the problems of modern city planning.

The expositions are open until November 14, 2015 at the Center for Contemporary Art in Minsk (Nekrasova st. 3).

Social Photography Exhibition in Minsk