September Night at Art Museum

On Saturday, September 12, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus invites visitors to spend Minsk City Day in a company of poets, musicians, photographers, dancers, directors, and actors. An art project titled September Night offers every guest to be a part of an art dialogue. The city as a cultural space will be the main theme of the event with The city goes to the museum as its motto.

The museum will be divided into separate locations, each of them will represent one of the art forms – poetry, film, dance, music, theater and, of course, painting. A special zone for children will be opened.

A variety of events, such as lectures, musical performances, and film screenings are in the program of September Night. The event starts with a concert of a trumpet ensemble called FESTIVO. Throughout the night, visitors can take part in the creation of short films by the Film School studio and the I.N.Q creative agency.

According to the organizers of the event, their main aim is to break the stereotype that museums are boring places with the walls covered in cobwebs and dust.

The art project is similar to another successful event – the Night of Museums. Each year, people around the world attend various museums for free on a specific day. The Night of Museums is an international campaign created to show the resources and potential of museums, as well as to attract young people.

September Night at Art Museum