Must Act Ч Must Art Held in Baranovichi, Belarus

Must Act — Must Art Held in Baranovichi, BelarusFrom July 12 to July 20, 2014, the event entitled Must Act — Must Art was held in Baranovichi, Brest region, Belarus.

Launched by the SIGNAL community of Belarusian street artists, the non–profit project Must Act — Must Art is aimed at improving the urban environment by street artists. The mission of Must Act — Must Art is to createa new vision of a Belarusian city as of anopen and public space for self–realization.

Previously, SIGNAL organized two successful Must Act — Must Art events in Mogilev and Gomel, having beautified the cityscapes of these Belarusian cities with ingenious murals.

The SIGNAL’s event in Baranovichi included creation of large paintings directly on the facades of five–storey apartment blocks, transformer substations, and other buildings. Local volunteers supported the artists providing them accommodation and helping to find the materials they needed for work.  According to the artists, they were pleased to feel a friendly atmosphere of the city created by its inhabitants.

The Must Act — Must Art project involves artists from Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Orsha, Pinsk, and Minsk. However, the participation is open and anyone is able to offer an idea.

The next Must Act — Must Art event is planned to tone up the town of Rogachev, Gomel Region.

 Must Act — Must Art Held in Baranovichi, Belarus Must Act — Must Art Held in Baranovichi, Belarus

Photos: SIGNAL community on Facebook

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