Solar Base Station Is Launched in Belarus

This month, velcom, a local mobile operator, announced the commissioning of the first solar base station in Belarus. The unique tower operates without external energy sources in the Lubansk district of the Minsk region.

The base station is built near the construction site of the Nezhinsk mining and processing plant. Solar energy fully compensates the lack of electrical network.  High–tech equipment operates from a hybrid power plant, which includes solar panels, industrial batteries, and a diesel generator.

Attached next to the communication mast, 54 solar panels with a total area of 77 square meters are connected to the control cabinet of the power supply system. The panels generate a constant current of 216 volts that is converted to 34 volts and then supplied to the base station equipment. The mini–station can produce up to 14 kilowatts of electricity.

Solar power is also used for charging lithium–ion batteries. The batteries are designed for long service and are able to endure temperature changes. As a result, the communication mast will work at night and through cloudy weather. The batteries are able to power the base station for eight hours without charging. In winter, due to the lack of sunlight, a modern diesel station will automatically switch on. In other seasons, the mobile tower will work solely on the renewable energy from the solar panels.

The base station supports the GSM and the 3G standards, including UMTS–900. It is designed to provide residents of the nearby villages and builders of the plant with high–speed internet.

The mini–station works autonomously, with the computer covering most of the processes. The perimeter of the station is monitored by CCTV cameras and motion sensors.

Belarusian mobile provider builds first solar base station in Belarus