Minsk Observatory Is Open for Visits

On April 7, the Minsk observatory opened its doors for public. Situated in the Central Children's Park (also known as Gorky Park), the observatory is a part of the planetarium building.

The newly updated interactive site of the observatory offers a schedule of work. Before visiting the observatory, it is advisable to consult the schedule to see if it is open or closed. The possibility of visits is highly dependent on weather conditions.

In the future, the observatory is planning to open new sections of the website, Weather Forecast and Astrological Forecast. It will become easier to navigate the meteorological conditions and visibility of objects in the sky.

Each session at the observatory includes a telescope observation of the sun or the brightest objects of the night sky and a mini–lecture.The duration of each session is up to 15 minutes with the maximum capacity of eight people.

Minsk Observatory Is Open for Visits

Photo: observatory.planetarium.by

As well as the observatory, the Minsk planetarium offers a number of educational programs for children, teenagers, and adults. The star hall of the planetarium demonstrates the latest discoveries in astronomy and astronautics, including historical films, which show the formation of the universe, collision of galaxies, and the main stages of the origin and extinction of stars. Due to the amazing combination of modern science and visualization tools, this spherical planetarium films immerse visitors in an atmosphere of space discoveries.

Source: kaktutzhit.by