Pensioner Studies Law at Belarusian State University

At the age of 60, Vladimir Romanovskiy is a student of the Belarusian State University. He studies law, attending classes, completing assignments, and passing exams. Vladimir is proud to show his student's record–book, as there is no mark lower than eight in it.

Speaking of his motivation to become a student at such age, Vladimir says that he made the decision in 2012, after defending a legal entity in court. Even without a degree in law, he was able to win the case. At that moment he had retired from his previous career in Physics so he wanted to find a new calling. Law seemed like a natural choice.

Vladimir Romanovskiy got his first degree in Physics many years ago, and now he says that getting a second degree is different, but he doesn’t want to make a comparison. His plans are ambitious – after graduation Vladimir wants to open a legal practice.

His family fully supported the decision and now Vladimir even competes with Anastasia, his granddaughter, in grades. Anastasia is a student of the Medical Faculty and she does her best not to fall behind her grandfather.

Each semester, Vladimir passes five exams. Sometimes he skips lectures, but always makes sure to ask his fellow students for notes. According to Vladimir, the best time to prepare for the exams is between 2a.m. and 5a.m. Even though studying may be hard, Vladimir fully intends to graduate and celebrate with his groupmates.

Pensioner Studies Law at Belarusian State University