The Sixth Line Is Back at Summa Summarum

From November 13 to December 13, 2014, Minsk hosts an international forum and exhibition of Belarusian artists entitled Summa Summarum. After a lapse of sixteen years, the legendary gallery The Sixth Line launched its first project.

Created in 1992 as a joint initiative of Belarusian artists, the gallery was closed in 1998. From 1992 to 1998, The Sixth Line gallery hosted 50 projects, including personal and joint exhibitions, actions, and performances by more than 60 Belarusian, American, German, and Polish artists.

The Summa Summarum project is presented in two venues, namely the Museum of Modern Fine Art located at 47, Nezavisimosti Avenue and the Center of Modern Art located at 3, Nekrasova Str.

The exhibition project Summa Summarum has gathered more than 20 artists from Belarus, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia, who cooperated with The Sixth Line gallery in the 1990s. Today, the authors present their works that haven’t been exhibited in Belarus yet. In addition,visitors to the show will be able to become acquainted with the artists during lectures and discussions.

Irina Bigday, Director of The Sixth Line and Supervisor of the Summa Summarum project, comments: “The idea of the exhibition has arisen from the desire to publish the archive of The Sixth Line. We realized that we should organize a joint exhibition of the gallery artists. I hope that the results of the project will include a concept of The Sixth Line future activities and the release of The History of Modern Belarusian Art of the 1990s."

Natalia Sharangovich, Director of the Center of Modern Art, comments: “It is symbolic that the venues of the project are the Museum of Modern Fine Art and the Center of Modern Art.The Sixth Line was closed the same year that the Museum of Modern Fine Art was opened, picking up the torch. Today, sixteen years later, the project of The Sixth Line unifies two exhibition areas. Without knowledge of the past there is no future. This statement is true for the contemporary art as well. We are pleased to host the project that connects the past and the present. We hope that the future of The Sixth Line is at least as outstanding as its past.”

Belarusian Summa Summarum features archives, exhibition, and discussions

See the pictures of the exhibition at the Summa Summarum Facebook page