TEDx Code of Inspiration to Take Place in Minsk

On March 17, the sixth TEDx conference entitled Code of Inspiration takes place at the Marriot Hotel in Minsk. This year’s event welcomes up to 500 guests and features eight speakers. For the first time, the conference will be broadcast live.

The speakers will share a kaleidoscope of ideas from various fields, including information technology, medicine, ecology, literature, sport, and psychology. The list of speakers and their topics can be seen below:

  • Andrei Vashkevich, Head of Communications at FC BATE Borisov, speaks on groundhopping
  • Vladimir Zhuravlev, neurosurgeon, speaks on combining special and general knowledge
  • Pavel Muntyan, CEO at Toonbox Animation Studio, speaks on VR
  • Alexander Gavrilov, Board Member at Ridero, speaks on the importance of the interconnection of generations
  • Konstantin Chikalov, ecologist, presents his initiative In Defense of Belarusian Marshes
  • Irina Kiseleva, choreographer, speaks on the special contribution of autistic children to the society
  • Alexander Zimenko, art critic, guides the guests through the labyrinths of modern art
  • Alexey Talai, member of the Belarusian Paralympic team in swimming, shares an inspirational story about a life without restrictions.

After the event, video recordings of live talks will become available online on the official TED.com channel.

TEDx is a local event licensed by TED and organized independently by groups of volunteers around the world. The TEDx events in Minsk have been taking place since 2009, with Belarusian speakers taking stage since 2013.

TEDx Code of Inspiration to Take Place in Minsk

Photo: tut.by