Minsk Hosts TEDx Conference

On March 25, the fifth TEDx conference will take place in Minsk, Belarus. Entitled Changing a Standpoint, the TEDxNiamiha-2017 conference gathers speakers from various professional areas.

The fifth TEDx event in Minsk will feature presentations in four languages. In addition to Russian and Belarusian, there will be talks in English and Portuguese. All speeches will be translated into the sign language.

Live talks will be mixed with video streams and a number of coffee breaks. In the beginning of summer, recorded talks will be available to watch at TED.com.

The organizers of TEDxNiamiha-2017 are planning to surprise the audience and therefore choose not to disclose the topics of presentations. However, the list of speakers can be seen below:

  • Alexander Avdevich, an engineer who crossed Europe on a handbike
  • Tatiana Apet, communications specialist
  • Alexander Vinchevsky, biologist and birdwatcher
  • Denis Efimov, transplant surgeon, participant of multiple international medical forums
  • Vyacheslav Inozemtsev, founder, director, and actor of the independent theater InZhest
  • Maria Kolesnikova, musician, creator of a project that offers music lessons for adults
  • Mila Kotka, curator of the non-profit urban art festival Vulica Brasil. Danilo Teofilo Costa, author of the idea of the festival
  • Yuri Melnichek, co-creator of MAPS.ME
  • Anna Pavliuk, lawyer, teacher, mediator, legal education activist, and researcher of space law
  • Ivan Reznikov, creator of a new type of oil sorbent
  • Sanaka Samarasinha, professional diplomat, UN Resident Coordinator in Belarus.

Tickets for TEDxNiamiha-2017 will be on sale from March 1 via the Bez Kassira ticket service. Each ticket costs 65 Belarusian rubles (~33USD). Only 100 tickets are available for purchase.

Minsk Hosts TEDx Conference

 Source: tut.by