We: Tram Photo Exhibition Launched in Minsk

The Museum of Modern Fine Art and the Center of Modern Art invite the residents and guests of Minsk to visit the exhibition of photography by Sergey and Dmitry Brushko. Beginning from October 28 and throughout the week, the exhibition WE will be held in a Minsk tram of the route #1. To get to the exhibition, one has only to take a ride in the tram–car #118 moving along the route #1 from 6.14 to 10.13 a.m. and from 3.11 to 7.25 p.m..

Launching the exhibition, the Museum of Modern Fine Art and the Center of Modern Art are striving to rekindle a tradition of tram exhibitions that were popular in Minsk during the period of late 1980s – early 1990s.

The project is aimed to show the way that two generations of Belarusians see their everyday life. WE is an attempt to show that despite the differences in views, status, and age, Belarusians are the one authentic nation.

Exhibition of photography by Sergey and Dmitry Brushko in Minsk tram #1

WE is a story of a country that has just gained the independence. A father and a son tell it through the pictures showcased at the exhibition.Two representatives of one family who studied and grew up in different eras and in different countries are trying to compare their views through the system of their values.

The photographs of the 1980s–1990s photo film era are presented along with the digital color photos demonstrating the difference in technology and the pace of life, and the gap between two generations.

The exhibition seeks to pull a passenger out of the flow of his/her routine and suggests looking in a photographic mirror. Some of the photos may seem nave; some display a hint of sarcasm.Generally speaking, these are the sketches of everyday life in Belarusian cities, towns, and villages. But the works are steeped in love and grief of the authors to their home grounds.

Although both authors worked as press photographers, the project doesn’t feature any pictures that would have something to do with the news journalism.

The event takes place within the Month of Photography in Minsk. To get more information about the project, please visit the website of the event.

Minsk tram #1 invites to exhibition of photography "WE"

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