Belarusian to Participate in UN Population Fund Project

The Belarusian office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is looking for a 10–year–old Belarusian girl, whose story will be presented by the Fund and followed for 14 years, both on reginal and international levels.

The Fund’s specialists plan to focus on the challenges faced by adolescent girls and present opportunities from the society and the state to fulfill their rights and potential in Belarus.

UNFPA is looking for a young person, who is currently 10 years old. She must live in Belarus and her parents must give consent for the child’s participation in the project, which includes the appearance of photos and interviews of the heroine on the UN website and in publications, as well as the possibility to keep in touch with her for 14 years.

The project titled 10–Year–Old Girls: Generation of Goals for Sustainable Development starts in July. Its main aim is to show the variety of challenges faced by the 10–year–old girls worldwide.

UNFPA asks its 10–year–old heroines in a number of countries to share their plans for the future. For 14 years, the participants will be reporting on what prevents or helps them to approach their dreams.

The Fund will publish the story of each participant on the UN website, as well as in the online magazine dedicated to the State of World Population report on October 20, 2016.

Belarusian to Participate in UN Population Fund Project