Belarus to Simplify Visa Regime

On March 17, Mikhail Portnoi, Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus, announced that in the near future the government of Belarus is planning to make a decision to simplify visa regime for foreign visitors. The announcement was made at the meeting of the board of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

According to Portnoi, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism is working in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy to bring the decision to life. They hope to introduce it in a month or a month and a half.

The Deputy Minister said that the simplification of visa regime is included in the state program titled Hospitable Belarus for the years 2016–2020, which is submitted for consideration by the Council of Ministers.

The program aims at promoting tourism in Belarus and names Russia, Western and Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, Israel, and Turkey as target countries in terms of tourism development.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared a draft decree on the liberalization of visa regime for business visitors. Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the intensification of relations of small and medium–sized businesses with foreign partners could stand as a further liberalization of the visa regime. He also said that the ministry prepared a draft decree, which would provide maximum opportunities for business contacts with foreign partners.

Belarus to Simplify Visa Regime