Belarus Extends Visa Free Regime to 10 Days in Brest and Grodno

On January 1, Brest welcomed the first visa–free tourists who arrived by train from Poland. The Polish visitors took advantage of the recently signed decree #462, which allows tourists from 77 countries for entering Belarus visa free via the Brest and the Grodno Region for 10 days.

The decree was signed on December 26, 2017. For the Brest Region, tourists must arrive via the following border checkpoints:

  • Brest (Terespol)
  • Domachevo (Slovatichi)
  • Peschatka (Polovtsy)
  • Pererov (Bialowieza)
  • Railway border crossing Brest
  • Brest Airport.

For the Grodno Region, visitors must cross the following checkpoints:

  • Bruzgi (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya)
  • Privalka (Raigardas)
  • Lesnaya (Rudavka)
  • Privalka (Svindubre)
  • Railway border crossing Grodno (Kuznitsa Belostotskaya)
  • Grodno Airport.

To enter Belarus visa–free, tourists should present a valid travel document and a document, which grants permission for an individual or a group to visit the Brest tourist and recreational zone or the Augustów Canal.

Last January, Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, signed a decree allowing citizens of 80 countries to enter Belarus visa–free for five days via Minsk National Airport. The law does not apply to visitors travelling from Belarus to Russia and vice versa.

Belarus Extends Visa Free Regime to 10 Days in Brest and Grodno

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