Belarusian AR Startup Collaborates with Gucci

In June 2019, Gucci, an Italian luxury brand, unveiled a new augmented reality (AR) technology that enables its customers to try on the brand’s signature Ace sneakers virtually.

Wannaby, a Belarusian AR startup and resident of Belarus Hi–Tech Park, created the technology. The company specializes in computer vision and rendering, allowing users to interact with a product in augmented reality, try it on, imagine the object and its features, and even personalize it.

Users of Gucci iOS mobile application can choose and try on a pair of Ace sneakers in augmented reality by directing their smartphone camera to their feet. Linked to the Gucci online shop, customers can instantly buy the model of their choice. In addition, the users will be able to discover and try on the designs that have not yet been released.

This is the first commercial partnership for Wannaby. In 2018, the company presented Wanna Kicks, an app for trying on various sneakers. The technology will be useful to shoe manufacturers to promote new models and reduce the number of returns.

In addition, Wannaby created an app for checking out different shades of nail polish. Entitled Wanna Nails, the app enables its users to choose and try on from various nail colors, as well as shop nail polishes on Amazon and AliExpress. ORLY, a famous nail polish brand, partnered with Wanna Nails to introduce their Augmented Reality nail colors.

In 2018, Wannaby attracted an investment of two million US dollars from Bulba Ventures and Haxus.

Gucci iOS app