Exhibition of Sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov Opens in Minsk

On March 12, 2014, a memorial exhibition of sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov opened at the Museum of Modern Fine Art in Minsk, Belarus. The exhibition is titled From Me.

Looking at the horse that is ‘grazing’ near Komarovsky Rynok, the central outdoor food market of Minsk, with another kid jumping rapturously in the saddle, the well–known Polish film director Krzysztof Zanussi told his companions that “if they place sculptures like this in Minsk, then Minsk is no doubt a European city”. The company perpetuated the master’s words with a joint photo near the sculpture and passed the photo to the sculptor.

Vladimir Zhbanov (1954 – 2012) is one of the most well–known modern Belarusian sculptors. He was the first to bring the city sculpture closer to the viewer, releasing it from high pedestals and pompous ideological messages. In some cases we may hesitate when answering a question about the name of the sculptor. However, we are all familiar with his works Lady on the Bench, A Guy Asking For a Cigarette, and Girl with an Umbrella at Mikhailovsky Square in Minsk, and Star Gazer at Ploshchad Zvezd (Stars` Square) in Mogilev.

From Me is the first personal exhibition of sculptor Zhbanov. The artist intended to mark his 60th anniversary with the event. He planned to come to the visitors, demonstrating his maturity, confidence, experience, and findings.

As the author is no longer with us, the goal of the exhibition has changed. It is important not only to remind the audience of the popular works by sculptor Zhbanov but also to introduce his new and unknown works, to show the energy and visible beauty of the sculptures that were not finished, and to familiarize visitors with his thinking system, with his ideas, and with his quests and creative plans. That is why From Me is not just an exhibition but also a message.

Within the project, meetings with friends and colleagues of sculptor Zhbanov, symposia and master classes will be organized, and films featuring his life and work will be demonstrated. A roundtable discussion devoted to the creative legacy of Vladimir Zhbanov and the role he played in the Belarusian art will crown the project.  The exhibition will be ongoing until March 29, 2014.