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Belarus is famous for its unique cultural, architectural, and historical heritage. A list of registered historical monuments in Belarus comprises 14,392 objects, 2,642 of these being of national importance. There are more than 6,000 libraries, 189 museums, and 12 professional theaters including the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater and the Philharmonic Society.

Belarus is filled with beautiful forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife. There are more than 20,000 rivers and creeks and about 11,000 lakes in Belarus. The biggest lake is Naroch (about 80 square kilometers). The forests of Belarus are rich in valuable species of trees (pine tree, spruce, oak, birch tree, aspen, and alder) and game (fox, marten, hare, otter, ferret, ermine, elk, and wild boar). There are three National Parks in Belarus, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” being the largest. In the late Middle Ages, it was a favorite hunting area of Polish kings and Russian czars. Today, more than 400 bison are living there, as well as 300 other species of animals and birds.

A country of blue lakes and virgin forests, Belarus provides great opportunities for leisure and relaxation. You can fish, gather berries, mushrooms or flowers, and swim in a lake or river. Here you might find a perfect way to get lost in nature.

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